Information Science & Engineering(ISE)

The department of ISE  is established during the academic year 2022-23 with an intake of 60.

ISE  branch is an area of study that includes mathematics, cognitive science and information theory to solve complex IT problems focuses on the various aspects of data and information, aims to converge the knowledge about the design & software development i.e. solve complex problems in the IT sector including

  • IoT and its applications,
  • Object-Oriented Concepts,
  • Software Testing etc.,

ISE graduates will be able to design, development and implement the software applications for real-world problems by using latest modern IT tools and technologies to meet the industry requirements. There is not much difference between Computer science & Information Science.

ISE students will be studying the following subjects

  • Software Engineering,
  • Data Structures and applications,
  • Database Management,
  • Cryptography,
  • Network Security and Cyber Law,
  • Web Technology,
  • Big Data Analytics,
  • Information System Management and Entrepreneurship,
  • Formal Language and Automata Theory,
  • Data Mining
  • Software Architectures,
  • Mobile Computing etc.

ISE graduates can choose from abundant career paths in different fields will get to work on the evaluation of ethical, social, and legitimate standards of the engineering practices. Here is a list of major career profiles like

  • Software Engineer,
  • Software Tester,
  • Application Developer,
  • Web Designer,
  • Information and Multimedia Designer,
  • Medical Information Scientist,
  • Technology Developer,
  • IT Specialist,
  • Technical Consultant,
  • Quality Analyst,
  • Information Network Manager,
  • Information Content Designer etc.

ISE department provides opportunities for the students to participate in Project showcase, Hackathons, Ideathons, Competitions, Startup & Entrepreneurial activities, Social activities etc.,

The department will have the best infrastructure with the latest high-end computing facilities to cater  the academic needs of the VTU prescribed syllabus and provide a real-time experience to the students. The department will have renowned faculty members with long academic experience and experts from industries in India and abroad.

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