Academic Departments

Academic Objectives

The common academic objective of the various departments are to become a leading centre of excellence in the respective fields creating  to world-class professionals for the real world.

The main aspects of activities towards achieving these objectives are:

  • To impart theoretical and practical knowledge to the students as per the prescribed syllabus.
  • Provide students with additional skills as per the current requirements of industry
  • To provide avenues for interaction by the students with luminaries from industry/academia through guest/expert lectures on contemporary topics.
  • To facilitate and guide students in undertaking live projects with the industry.
  • Maintain liaison with other academic institutions and industry.
  • Constantly keep the faculty updated by organizing in house Faculty Development Programmes and sponsoring the faculty to participate in national/international seminars.


Areas of Focus

  • Promotion of in-house research and development capabilities.
  • To achieve and maintain academic excellence.
  • Constant improvement in student performance.
  • Facilitating the acquisition of higher qualifications by the faculty.